2 Unique strategies that made me my
first $100,000 on Monetizer.com

Strategy #1: Cheap direct buys 

This is one of the most lucrative strategies I use to generate a near passive income from Monetizer. The best part is you can pretty much outsource most of the work to a virtual assistant (VA). 

Researching direct buy opportunities

The first part of this strategy involves finding sites with high traffic volumes that would be open to adding popup, popunder and back-button scripts to their site for a set monthly fee, usually referred to as a ‘direct buy’. 

The types of sites that are most open to this are free movie sites, free/download music sites, torrent sites, porn sites and Android APK sites. You can usually use it on sites where Google Adsense is not a viable option. 

Some of these sites may already be working with networks like Popads, but understand that pop-traffic sources like Popads pay the webmaster of these sites peanuts so the majority of the time they are more than happy to take me up on my offer to buy their traffic. 

Google is the best tool to find these sites is. Yep, Google, the everyday search engine you use 24/7.

When searching for direct buy opportunities, I use the local search engine. For example, if I was looking for sites in Brazil I would use www.google.com.br not Google.com as www.google.com.br would bring up the localized search results. 

Next, I use Google translate and search for sites using translated keywords the locals would use to find free music downloads. I repeat this with free film sites, torrent sites and so on. 

Once I have a list of potential sites to the proposition I email them every few days (I use an autoresponder for this) until I get a response.

Here’s a copy of the stock email I use 🙂 

You can download the email template I use here

Once I get in contact with them, I arrange for a small test to evaluate the traffic quality. The amount of tests and the duration of them usually depends on the amount of traffic volume I receive. 

Note: Sometimes these webmasters will have absolutely no idea how to install the scripts you need them to run, such as the popunder and back-button scripts, so you may need to talk them through it. 

When setting up the campaign in Monetizer for these types of buys I prefer to select the top 3 – 5 converting offers in each vertical over seven days rather than wait for the system to auto-optimize. As far as I’m concerned it’s already done that using all the traffic other affiliates have sent through their links. 

Once I’ve started working with a few of these site owners I like to get them to recommend me to their other web masters and get the word out that I’m looking to buy traffic direct. I’ve had some introductions and they’ve proved very lucrative. 

Strategy #2: Add cash generating scripts to your landing pages

The second lucrative strategy I use to make money with Monetizer is by adding several cash generating scripts to all the landing pages I use on my standard campaigns. 

These are scripts you want to be adding on all your landing pages: 

  • Popunder scripts (this should execute when the user clicks your CTA button) 
  • Back-button scripts (this redirects the user when they hit the back button on their browser) 
  • Delayed meta refresh script (redirects visitors after a certain amount of time.)

Here are some numbers from a campaign I’m running in Hungary right now. By adding all the scripts listed above and sending the traffic to Monetizer I’ve made an extra $522 over the last seven days. This is probably as close as you’ll ever get to free money.

Okay, I’ve given away enough cash generating methods for one day. Go and join Monetizer and start making those dollars. Cha Ching!

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About the author

Taiwo Balogun is the creator of cashmoneyaffiliate.com  He spends most of his time making money by promoting Mobile CPA Offers and teaching others how to do the same.