5 Top Reasons to Use Monetizer’s Offer Marketplace

Offer Marketplace

So you may or may not know that we recently broke the mold and implemented our new Offer Marketplace. And, though we’re still proud to be one of the best smart link networks in the industry, you can now target direct offers within Monetizer.

This has been a long-awaited feature, one that many believed would never come, and we certainly wouldn’t want you to miss out! But to save you the trouble of having to log in right away, why don’t you take a look at our Top 5 Reasons to Use Monetizer’s New Offer Marketplace.

So let’s go into a little further detail.

Top 25 Offers

We take into consideration all offers in the marketplace, from every geo, and compile the top 25 highest performing offers into this list. This means the offers in this list are garnering the most revenue in our platform. We also list the data next to each offer, where you will see the EPC, conversion rate, and even how much revenue it has done today.

Smartlink Fallback

Consider this feature a lifeline, hopefully, you’ll never need it, but when you do it could save you from a bad situation. If you’re running an offer there can be several issues, it may be as small as you accidentally choosing an unsupported browser when running your traffic, or as big as an offer that was pulling in 4 digits a day in revenue pausing the one day you decide to take a trip out to the middle of the desert and your car breaks down while you’re off the grid. However, you have no need to worry, as all that traffic will not be wasted. Our infamous vAuto algorithm will act as a fallback and redirect all that potentially wasted traffic to our highest performing offers for the click parameters. Who knows, you may even find a better performing offer this way!

No Blocked Offers

As much as we’d love to let you target every offer in our marketplace, we also have to ensure our advertisers are happy enough to continue giving us the great offers we allow you to run. So from time to time, you might find that your traffic is blacklisted from an offer. The good news is that usually, this is simply because the traffic isn’t converting on that offer, so being blacklisted is a win-win for the publisher and advertiser as our fallback can find you an offer you can actually convert on. The best bit about this is that if you never have to worry about running an offer where you are blacklisted before you even send your first click. As much as we pride ourself on the ability of our algorithm, we understand that when you pick an offer you do so because that is the offer you believe you can make work. So knowing that every offer you see in the Offer Marketplace is available for you to run can give you the peace of mind you need to focus fully on profit!

Email Notifications (coming soon!)

This is another long-awaited feature that we’re very excited to be bringing to you. Nobody wants to be running a super profitable offer, stop to watch an episode of Ozark, then realize they’ve been burning profits for the past hour because the offer was paused as soon as they left their desktop. Enter “Email Notifications”. We will be able to email you updates on offers you’re running, not only when they have been paused, but also when they resume, when the payout increases or decreases, and even when you’ve been blocked from running the offer.


Here at Monetizer, we listen to our publishers. Once upon a time, we were merely a SmartLink solution with no direct offers, and thanks to the voices of the masses we now have an entire Offer Marketplace. We continuously work on updating and bettering our platform and we love to hear from the people who actually use it. We know that if we have more than one person requesting the same thing, then there is a need for it. It is this that keeps us growing and innovating. Would you like to see more data? Would you like our advertisers to communicate with you in the cases they would like more of your traffic or for you to scale? Any requests you have we will take on board and look into if feasible. Just hit me up in support and I’ll direct it to the right department!


This is just the beginning of what we have to offer here at Monetizer. And we would love for you to continue being a part of it! So get on in and show us how you do business!

See you on the inside!