Monetizer and Advertizer Platform Updates: 19.04


Today we are announcing the latest changes introduced to the Monetizer and Advertizer platforms. We’ve been pushing ahead with refining the existing platform through fixing a number of bugs as well and introducing some “must have” features.

Update Highlights

Monetizer  – Publisher Platform

New Features

  • “Remember Me” check box introduced on the login screen to allow users to stay logged in for longer.
  • Assign and save different timezones to each league for easier analysis of league statistics.
  • Filter timezones by simply typing in the abbreviation (ie: GMT)
  • Click “Copy” on the links page to quickly duplicate a link’s settings and create a new link.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Reduced overall platform file size for faster loading
  • Offer Marketplace taken out of ‘Beta’
  • Date selection now available from mobile devices
  • bug fix: Offer Marketplace cap figures show more than one day

Advertizer – Advertizing Platform

New Features

  • On the Dashboard, View “Yesterday”, “Past 3 Days” and “Past 7 Days” lead statistics.
  • “Country & Carrier Breakdown” now available on Insights.
  • Click ID and Offer ID now visible for transactions on the Balance page.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Reduced overall platform file size for faster loading
  • Improved browser targeting
  • bug fix: Reports page “spend” discrepancy for date ranges
  • bug fix: Balance page “transaction” discrepancy for date ranges
  • bug fix: Jagged scrolling when using multi-selection fields

What’s Next?

Within the next few months, we will be introducing some really exciting major features to both the Monetizer and Advertizer platforms. Some of which will help you become better connected to your account’s activity allowing you to react quicker to changes in traffic as well as more possibilities for generating more revenue.

Need Help or Have Feedback?

We always love hearing from our users! If you have some suggestions on ways we can improve our platform, we’d love to know! Equally, get in touch if you need some help or have questions. Simply click the message icon in the bottom right of our website and platform to contact a team member.